Brian at UNfallenART really came through for us wh…

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Brian at UNfallenART really came through for us when we needed a clean, bold and powerful graphic to quickly draw people into our story. His “One Billion…Help” design has been featured across our site, on posters and on hundreds of … Read More

Spotlight: Ghost (the Holy Spirit)

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CLIENT: Pomona First Baptist Church

This graphic was for their “Flood” college ministry. They did a series on the Holy Spirit (Ghost), called “Ghost”.

I wanted to play with the idea of exploring something completely different graphically to represent the Holy Spirit. Usually, the symbol is a dove, but I wanted to break out of the norm for this. The series was created to present a different side of the subject, so the art should do the same. I loved the idea of going a little bit toward the supernatural-ghost-horror flick type of graphic. I started with three ideas.

Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll

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This is another flyer done for my youth group. It’s for a series on purity, and we focused on purity in music and lyrics, drugs and alcohol, and sex and relationships. I say all of that to share the thoughts … Read More

Z-axis poster.

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I was asked to speak at this youth retreat this upcoming weekend. I’m really excited about it. It’s about breaking free from a 2-dimensional faith, and living life in an active relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. We decided … Read More