Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll

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This is another flyer done for my youth group. It’s for a series on purity, and we focused on purity in music and lyrics, drugs and alcohol, and sex and relationships. I say all of that to share the thoughts behind the design.

Knowing that this was the point allowed me to create the shocking title graphic (I say shocking because the church never talks about this stuff, so it can freak people out to have church flyers that say “sex”real big). To help illustrate the true theme of the series, I used the typography trick of having everything say purity and just overlaying the colored layers of the larger text. So, just like the messages in the sermons themselves, purity is running through the whole thing.

If you would like to do a similar series at your church or youth group, feel free to download the file: Click here for the PSD file, or here for the jpeg.  Do me a favor and let me know if you use them. I’d love to know about what you’re up to and how you’ve been able to use it!

If you would like to learn how to create your own version using this style, read below for my process and tutorial.




This image was built in Adobe Photoshop CS4.

I’m sure there are multiple ways of attacking this sort of design, but I chose to use clipping masks.

I started by making the gray text box that says “purity” over and over. I made the text box a little larger than my artboard, so I would have room to move it if needed. copy and paste goes a long way with something like this. And to get an even edge at all times, you have to use “justified” paragraph alignment.

Once I had my background text, I made my “big” words. I made each line a separate layer to make things as easy as possible. What I didn’t do was color my text. That comes in a bit.

So, next I copied the small “purity” text layer. And put it above the “sex” layer. Holding down ‘alt’ and clicking the mouse between the two layers creates a clipping mask. (You should see a different pointer logo that has a left-pointing arrow and two overlapping circles.) You can also right-click on the top layer, and select “create clipping mask”. For the moment, all that happens visually is that the word SEX will disappear. So I select the masked layer of “purity” and change the text color from dark grey to white.  Now I have the word SEX made out of a bunch of little white purity words.

I repeat the process with each line, alternating red and white for the layers, and that’s it. Make sure not to move the purity layers around when you do this or things won’t line up properly.

Feel free to share any links to your examples of this same or a similar process, I’d love to see your work!

Have you already done something like this? Was your process different?