Sanctum Brewing Co

Branding for Sanctum Brewing Co in Pomona, CA (opening Fall 2013!) NOTES: The logo was originally designed by Angi at Angelique Ink. I reworked the logo for clarity and usability (resized "Co." and "Brewing" so Sanctum would stand out). The schematics were found by the client. I compiled them into a version of the graphic that you see on the shirt from lots of little pieces, but that shirt is more of a collage than my own custom drawing.

Sanctum Brewing Co. in Pomona, CA. Really fun projects for these guys. They're brewing great beer with clever flavor combos, and promoting it with clever slogans and great personality.
Sanctum logo. Originally drawn by Angi at Angelique Ink.
"Backer Tee" - Kickstarter award for donors. Cleverness by collab between me and the client.
"Backer Pint" - another Kickstarter prize.
The Growler - more kickstarter prizes. Clever slogans abound with these guys.
Logo variation with "Be Not Lame To The World" banner. (This banner handmade in illustrator)
These shirts are for the Kickstarter. Used some old cathedral schematics and sketches (stock art) to compile this design.
Be Not Lame tee.
Possible beer label/poster.
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